Coffee Dessert Maker

Coffee Dessert Maker

Coffee Dessert Maker

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Coffee Dessert Maker - Kids Gameplay Android

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Cuisinart Stainless Steel Pure Indulgence Frozen Dessert Maker

Coffee Dessert Maker - The best game for making coffee.

In this game, you will experience over 18 kinds of coffee (such as Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte, etc.) production process. All the processes are so realistic. You will feel that you are smelling the coffee brewing.

Please choose your favourite kind and create the best coffee now. Have fun!

There are 18 kinds of coffee in this game:

1. Instant Coffee
2. Coffee & Mate
3. Instant Drip Coffee
4. Espresso
5. Americano
6. Espresso Con Panna
7. Cafe Au Lait
8. Iced Americano
9. Espresso Macchiato
10. Cappuccino
11. Mocha
12. Vanilla Latte
13. Choco Macchiato
14. Chestnut Coffee
15. Coffee Granita
16. Café Banana Split
17. Tiramisu Coffee
18. Berry Iced Coffee

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